Understanding Board Members Responsibilities

Board members must act with full knowledge, in good faith, with due diligence and care, in the best interests of the company and shareholders. Understand the main principles of the Board Members’ responsibilities in the article below. Board Members’ Responsibilities for Small and Big Businesses The Board Members are responsible for the appointment, dismissal, and … Continue reading “Understanding Board Members Responsibilities”

What Boards Need To Know About Cybersecurity?

Information technologies are now introduced in almost all spheres of economic activity. They help make business more efficient and sustainable, open up new development prospects, and often actually become the basis of many business processes. However, they also bring new threats. Definition of the Cybersecurity in Modern Business Cybersecurity works on the same principle as … Continue reading “What Boards Need To Know About Cybersecurity?”

5 Cyber Security Myths that Are Leaving Nonprofits Exposed

The Internet is full of advice and rumors about how to organize a corporate security system, but often the desire to protect yourself from all sides leads to the diametrically opposite result. Check five cyber security myths that are leaving nonprofits exposed in the article below. The Importance of Cybersecurity for Small and Big Businesses … Continue reading “5 Cyber Security Myths that Are Leaving Nonprofits Exposed”